COVID-19 Resources


Webinar: Supporting our Low German-speaking communities in the face of COVID-19 (April 16, 2020)

Supporting our Low German Mennonite communities in the face of COVID-19 from MCC Ontario on Vimeo.

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Messaging for youth and young adults in Low German with English script.


General guidelines poster in Low German and English from Alberta Health Services.

Help prevent the spread poster in Low German and English from Government of Alberta.


Latest information and guidelines from Alberta Health Services in Low German with the English script (updated March 30, 2020).

A comprehensive guide in the Low German language to social distancing, social isolation and Ontario Ministry of Health guidelines. Note – the contact information shared is specific to Southwestern Ontario Public Health. Originally aired on Radio De Brigi 105.9 on March 30, 2020. Read the English translation.


Kennert Giesbrecht presents a brief history in the Low German language of pandemics including Justinian Plague, Black Plague, Small Pox and Spanish Flu. It is noted in this video that the Spanish Flu affected Mennonite populations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan at a much higher rate than the general population. This was attributed to their practice of meeting in churches, visiting with families, pig slaughtering familial events and their initial non-compliance to public health policies. This is good information to share with the Low German-speaking community to illustrate the possible impact of COVID-19.


Kennert Giesbrecht, editor of Mennonitsche Post, addresses some of the COVID-19 myths circulating in some Low German speaking communities.