The Global Mennonite History Series consists of five volumes of history, one from each continental region. Writers from each region trace the origins, development and mission of the Anabaptist-related churches there, reflecting the experiences, understandings and perspectives of these churches.

This fresh offering of history is the first time some of these churches have cooperated in telling their story in their own voice. Themes in one book differ from those in another. This telling of the story of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches is intended “to stimulate the renewal and extension of Anabaptist Christianity worldwide.” This series helps readers to understand what the North American religious magazine Christian Century calls “the shift in church energy, leadership and numbers from North to South, from developed to developing nations.”

The Global Mennonite History Series was initiated by Mennonite World Conference at its thirteenth global assembly in Calcutta, India in January 1997. The series was guided by an international organizing committee whose members represent all five continental regions. General editors are John A. Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder.

The series includes the following five volumes:

(All volumes in English, with translations of some into selected languages)

Africa: Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts, 2006.
Europe: Testing Faith & Tradition. 2006.
Latin America: Mission and Migration. 2010.
Asia: Churches Engage Asian Traditions. 2011.
North America: Seeking Places of Peace. 2012

All volumes are available from Pandora Press.