Mennonite Central Committee in partnership with the Kindred Credit Union is developing a series of videos in the Low German language to explain Canadian culture and practices to Low German newcomers. If you have any suggestions for topics for these videos, please contact us.

Confidentiality Part 1

Video Script: Confidentiality Part 1 

Confidentiality Part 2

Video Script: Confidentiality Part 2


Video Script: Consent

Mental Health

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Important Cards Part 1

Video Script: Personal and Financial Cards Part 1

Important cards Part 2

Video Script: Personal and Financial Cards Part 2

Immigration and Citizenship Woes

Released October 2022

Conform:  The Mennonite Migration to Mexico of the 1920s

CONFORM tells the fascinating story of the nearly 8,000 Mennonites who left Manitoba and Saskatchewan for northern Mexico in the 1920s, in the largest mass emigration in Canada’s history. Convinced…